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Placement Assistance Policy

The purpose of the placement assistance policy is to define the overall structure that governs the placement and the roles and responsibilities of the team working towards it. With this policy in hand, we aim to place the students in the company that they deserve. It is a gateway of opportunity for the students who study hard to achieve the goals. The policy relates to graduate, diploma, post graduate, graduate and non-graduate students who want to get themselves employed.

For this purpose, we facilitate the interviews with the organizations and coordinate with various agencies. All our placements are routed through the training and placement cell. We ensure that a continual interaction with the company is held during the recruitment drive and the students are well aware about the company. We even ask the company to fill the feedback form of the student, so that the students can concentrate on the focus areas.

The placement cell updates the management regarding the procedure on a timely basis. Our coordinator collects the resume from the eligible candidate, and send the same to our dedicated the team. The pre-placement talks are held with the company and the students to make them understand the process. However, we don’t guarantee about the placements or any specific minimum number of interview calls for a particular course. The placement assistance may vary from students to students depending upon their eligibility, education criteria, etc. We cannot guarantee you the salary range.

In the end, it will be in the interest of the students to adhere to the placement procedure and support the same, as the successful competition of the same will benefit both the institute and the student.

Go ahead and enroll yourself in our placement assistance cell. Our coordinators are there to assist you respectively of the course you have opted for.

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