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SPAUTO 300-535

Automating Cisco Service Provider Solutions (SPAUTO 300-535)

Exam Description

Automating and programming CISCO Service Provider Solution is a course related to CCNP Service Provider Certification and DevNet Professional Certification. The course arms the student with the knowledge of implementing service provider automated solution. Through this course, the candidate can master the programming concepts, orchestration, automation tools, programming OS, etc. This course will help the candidate prepare for SPAUTO 300-535 exam. It is a 90- minute exam.

Course Highlight

The certification will validate the knowledge of software developers. This certification certifies the technical skills of the IT professionals thus empowering the organization to embrace automation, cloud networking and DevOps. It will help you to focus your knowledge on automated solutions, automated tools and programming OS.

Exam Topics

These are the general guidelines that you need to follow and it will be included in the exam. However, other related topics might appear in the exam. The guidelines may change prior to a notice at any time. There are several topics that will be included in the exam like network programmability and foundation, automation API protocols, network device programmability and automation and orchestration platform.

Why Net Tech?

It is one of the leading institutes that provide instructor- led training to individuals. The innovating approach of delivering the training will help the students to master the programming skill easily. Through this course, you can upgrade your skills to a new level.

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