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Sonic Wall

Network Security is always a cause of concern. Hence, at Net Tech we offer Sonic Wall certification courses. These courses offer individual the much needed knowledge to optimize Sonic Wall security solution. The course offers a specific advantage to security specialists and network administrator. This course will teach about the key topics like technology fundamentals through practical and theoretical training. This course requires a prerequisite training on firewall technology and its application in network security. The modules also include network design strategies and measures used to protect critical network traffic. Through it you can gain a conceptual knowledge of Sonic Firewall appliances including the rules of encryption and security applications. You will also gain a strong foothold on Virtual Private Network technology including Sonic Wall specific configuration, implementation and troubleshooting techniques. Throughout the training, you’ll be given an opportunity to test the information acquired.

At Net Tech, we lay a strong emphasis on practical and lab training. This course is not a substitute of elearning courses. There are certain prerequisites that you need to comply with including:-

• General Networking Knowledge

• Knowledge of networking concepts and topologies and other networking protocol stacks

• Understanding of TCP/IP, network address Translation and subnets

• Knowledge about router and related concepts

• Familarity with IPSec functionality and its implementation

At Net Tech, we lay a strong emphasis on networking and its related concepts. We build a career with our advanced courses.

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