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Search Engine Marketing Course


Search engine marketing is a cost effective way of generating leads for the business. The best part about this marketing is that it offers contextual targeting that means we can target the audience based on their preference, location, demographics and so on. SEM campaign is based upon CPC (Cost per click) advertisement model. You need to pay only when user clicks on the ad. Unlike SEO, it offers us the results immediately as soon as you start the business campaign. NetTech India is reputed software training institute in Mumbai that offer SEM Certification course.

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Course Details

NetTech India’s SEM training will arm the students with practical live sessions and hands-on project assignment. At Net Tech, we provide 24x7 dedicated support on discussion form.

The SEM course details will include:-

  •  Strategize PPC action plan for the business
  •  Increase the revenue using PPC campaigns
  •  Improving quality score using different SEO parametere to give your site a feel how sticky it is
  •  Minimize the cost using effective bid management strategy
  •  Increased conversion rates by using PPC landing pages

Apart from that, In our SEM training course will entail detailed overview of Google Adwords, Yahoo search engine marketing, PPC definition and functioning, its features, how to strategize PPC campaigns to achieve the desired results, understanding market analysis, organizational positioning, ad writing techniques, improving conversion rates, ad preview tool, landing pages, overview of campaign management tools, bid management plan, manual versus automated bid management, different bid management features like CPA bidding, position preference, performance tracking, monitor PPC activity using Google Analytics, integrating PPC with Google analytics, sem Management including mobile marketing, track and measure views using conversion.

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SEM Training Course Objective

The objective of the SEM course is to improve the visibility of the website and increase the brand reputation using different platforms. There are different paid platform like Adwords, Bing, Facebook, LinkeldIn, You Tube Video advertising and much more. The reason why people pt for paid advertisement is to get instant results, lead generation and increased revenue.

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