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The automation industry has undergone a paradigm shift. It has changed the way we are operating. RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. The course in this field will help to unleash your career in it.

What will you learn through this course?

After completing the RPA course, you’ll be able to

-Understand what Robotic Process Automation is

- Understand how it will improve your career

- understand the challenges and risk involved in implementing RPA technology

- Know about different RPA tools

- Learn about basic RPA implementation plan

Why to learn RPA?

If you are not learning about this technology, you are lagging far behind. The robots are substituting the blue- collar jobs including industrial. Sooner or later you may find yourself in danger, enrolling yourself into this job can help you to thrive and adapt to this new-age technology. These robots are the new-generation technology and will help you to master automation and build software robots.

What will you get?

After the completion of RPA course, you’ll be able to

-Learn Robotic Process Automation history and its drivers

- You should learn the benefits, risks and challenges involved in this process

- You should be able to learn the benefits, risks and challenged involved in the RPA process

- You would understand the applications of RPA and the industries that widely use it

- You will be able to get an overview of Robotic Process Automation tools and capabilities

- You will be able to learn about robotic software

-You will be able to learn about the implementation plan and how you can use it as an advantage to your company.

What is the goal of the course?

The ultimate aim of this course is to let students learn about the robotic process, automation and prepare them for further hands-on study using this tool. This RPA course is the best choice for you.

To whom this course is intended for?

• This course is intended for anyone who wishes to get white collar jobs in the near future.

• It is best suited for automation engineers who want to improve their remuneration and make their career inflation proof.

What would be the course content?

The course content would include the basics about RPA, RPA versus Test automation, how to create simple software robot, robotic process automation history, will RPA kill outsourcing, what is the right mindset for doing RPA, industries where it is prevalent, benefits and risks involved in RPA, automation maturity level, current RPA tools, RPA roles and jobs, how to implement RPA in the enterprise, creating automation COE, Tips on how to prepare for RPA course, etc. The course will provide full detail about the installation, development and analysis of RPA.

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