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• NetTech India offers training on Cisco Certification programs like CCNA, CCNP, CCIE (All Track), Juniper, Microsoft, Linux, Firewall, VMware, Industrial Automation, Automation-RPA, Telecomm Engineer, C, C++, Java, Android, Dot Net, Oracle, Hadoop, Web Programing, Web Design, Digital Marketing, DevOps. NetTech India is first choice for Trainings on Cisco and Juniper IT certifications.

• NetTech India offer Cisco Networking Certification Training strictly as per Cisco Exam blueprints. NetTech India is first choice of Indian and overseas students for CCIE Training in India.

• NetTech India offer the Courses like Hardware, Networking, Chip level Repair Training, Laptop Repair Training, Mobile Repair Training

• NetTech India offer the Software Courses like C,C++, Java, DotNet, R-Language, Oracle, Android, Hadoop, Python, DevOps Digital Marketing, Industrial Automation, Automation-RPA, Web Design and Web Development.

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NetTechIndia Labs

• NetTech India have largest & high end Cisco Routers and Cisco Switches Infrastructure forCisco Certification Training.

• NetTech India provides separate exam preparation session for everyone & you will get 100% money back if you fail.

• Every student is given individual attention and ample time to work in the Lab.

• NetTech India conduct courses for students have more than 200 Cisco Routers & Switches also we provide IBM and Dell Server, with latest and high end hardware equipment for software division.

• NetTech India labs are specially designed dedicated lab for Networkingand Software trainings

• NetTech India doesn't use outdated CISCO Routers, server and Desktop PC in all lab.

• Nettech India Having a Server IBM and Dell for Server certification course

• NetTech India havea dedicated lab for software certification course with latest technology hardware and Software

• Nettch India having a multiple equipment for Automation-RPA training

• Nettch India Provides a PLC : Siemens - SIEMENS - S7/1200 series / AB - Micrologix1400 / Delta-DVP Series,

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