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Oracle DBA

Career opportunity after completing following course :

Oracle DBA, Oracle Apps DBA, Oracle Database Administrator, Oracle Developer, Oracle RAC Administrator, Data Warehouse Expert, Oracle App Developer, Oracle Dataguard Administrator Oracle Goldengate Administrator.

Description :

As a Database Administrator (DBA) you are in one of the Top Ten Promising employments with strong occupation development standpoint throughout the following quite a while. To see the present salary ranges for DBAs and Senior DBAs. These figures are entirely promising on the off chance that you consider fortify your abilities as a Senior DBA or begin another profession as Oracle DBA (Database Administrator).

The Oracle DBA Certification Program is a professional certification program offered by the Oracle Corporation.

In the event that you are as of now an Oracle proficient as an Oracle DBA, you might ponder "why would it be a good idea for me to get certified?Given that we are in Information age and organizations databases are becoming greater and greater. An organization's information is its soul and without this organizations can't be ready to go. Well you got it, when there is future for greater database development; clearly there is an immense interest for experienced, gifted steward like you who can care for their profitable data.

Oracle DBA- SQL

SQL programming language maintains and creates database objects to store and manipulate data. The users also learn how to retrieve data from the storage by using advanced techniques such as CUBE, ROLLUP and set operators,and using different DML,DDL,DCL statements.


Oracle manages the most advanced information systems and is a firm step towards a strong foundation in database administration.On accomplishing this, Oracle OCA Certification, candidates get to power-up their career growth and enhance the talent pool in Oracle.

Oracle Database training and certification teaches you how to leverage a variety of database products, including Oracle Database, MySQL, and PL/SQL.

Oracle Database Course improves your skills you need to install, configure, design, and troubleshoot database systems.

Database Administrators can pursue the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) level of Oracle DBA certification by completing a relevant Oracle DBA course in mumbai.

Oracle DBA I

The Oracle DBA training course intends to provide a candidate in-depth knowledge of the Oracle Database Administration. In Oracle DBA course in navi mumbai various topics are covered like installation of Oracle database, Oracle database architecture, Oracle storage solutions that includes logical storage units like table spaces, data blocks- extents and segments, schema objects, memory and process architecture, learn how to monitor and trace files and alert logs, database startups and requests.Our main goal would be on backup recovery here as the database is nothing without its data. We would also cover some real scenarios faced by experts.

Oracle DBA II

This syllabus is based on OCP (oracle certified professional) exam. This can be faced once you are an oracle certified associate. We will be covering advanced concepts like flashback, version query, RMAN, ASM, performance tuning as well as some more important concepts like patching and upgrading, DATA GUARD etc.

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