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At NetTech India located in Thane, Mumbai & Navi Mumbai, we trained on wide range of essential and complex shortcomings like water damaged phones, broken LCD screens, speaker, microphone, charging, system and all other minor and real issues in our Mobile repairing course. We are likewise adept for confused undertakings like modifying on mobile phone motherboards and programming up-degree that require ability, experience and expertise.

We give dedicated and exceptionally proficient Mobile repairing training with a bother free ordeal to every one of our clients.

NetTech India conducts advanced mobile repairing course in Thane, Mumbai for understudies and experts who need to make a profession in handset repairing. It covers repairs of every significant brand of cell phones. Chinese handsets are additionally secured in the preparation.

Nowadays, innovation has progressed to such a level, to the point that living without mobile has turned out to be entirely incomprehensible. Cell phones are one such mechanical gadget that individuals feel lost without. Individuals appear to be utilizing their cell phones significantly more and particularly to surf the web and download documents. This can prompt issues on your telephone. A hazardous problematic cell phone upsets your execution at work and conveys all your different dealings to an end.

Whether you need to make a profession of repairing cell phones or you just need to do the mobile repairing course as a hobby, NetTech India has exceptional mobile repairing training courses.

NetTech India also offers chip level repairing and Hardware and Networking course.

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Who should attend?

Anyone who needs to make a career in cell phone repairs or needs to learn it as a leisure activity. Any individual who needs to make a profession in cell phone repairs can join this course. Entrepreneurs can likewise add repairs as an extra wellspring of salary. Understudies from science or engineering fields can learn cell phone repair at our foundation to understand electronics and telecommunications in a much better way as mobiles are the most progressive devices in gadgets today. Students who wish to learn repairing of wireless devices as a side interest are likewise most welcome to join.


Basic computer operating skills are required.

Language of instruction:

Hindi and English languages

Duration : 2 Month

The Course covers all the skills required to repair and service a wide range of GSM and CDMA handsets. The preparation here begins from essentials and goes up to cutting edge troubleshooting of equipment and software issues. Individuals like to learn Mobile repairing at a specialized foundation like Nettech India because of its systematic and in-depth training on all topics. In the wake of finishing the cell telephone repairing course, the student can easily make a career in repairing and servicing, either by working as a technician or starting his own mobile phone repair business.

Topics covered in our mobile repairing course

• How to use various tools and equipments

• Disassembling and assembling of various cell phone models

• Study of parts of a mobile handset

• Checking of parts and components

• Study of motherboard

• Study of circuit diagrams of various models

• Explanation of various ICs (chips)

• Replacing of ICs

• How to solder and desolder

• Jumper techniques

• Replacing ports, connectors, switches, etc.

• Replacing cracked screens and LCDs

• Software installation

• Unlocking of various handsets

• Diagnosing and troubleshooting of faults

• Power on faults

• Liquid damage treatment

• Network problems

• Software faults

• Speaker / Microphone Faults

• Charging Problems

• LCD replacements / adjustments

• Dropped / physically damaged phones

• Housing / chassis replacements

• SP unlocking / SIM restriction removal

• Flip or slide problems

• Software up-gradation

• All other simple as well as complicate problems

The mobile repair course will show you to repair fundamental and also advanced issues of cell phones and tablets. To put it plainly, it will teach you the skills required for repairing and servicing mobile phones.

Remarkable elements of our mobile repairing training

• Training is given by master and experienced instructors

• Training begins from basic hardware

• Advanced chip level repair training

• Comprehensive top to bottom syllabus

• Less hypothesis, more practical training

• Well kept up lab with most recent apparatuses and types of gear

• Free programming DVD and notes

• Tips and traps

• Trade insider facts

• Certificate course

• Free technical support

• Free professional direction

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