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Mobile Marketing


The growing internet population, increased online shoppers and improved mobile penetration, advanced shipping and payments options has driven the growth of mobile marketing. This has fueled the need of the mobile marketers.

Course Details

The mobile subscriber base has estimated to increase by 97.54 crore in November with an addition of 83.3 lakh new customers, as per the report filed by COAI. As per the data published, India’s private telecom service provider has around 975.40 million subscribers and it is growing rapidly. This point towards the fact that mobile has become an important business tool. Hence, to cater to the growing demands, we have started mobile marketing course. It will help you to create mobile marketing campaigns.

At the end of the course, you will be equipped with the detailed knowledge about:

  •  Mobile App Marketing Course
  •  How to become successful in mobile app promotion
  •  How to make money through Mobile applications
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Course Goal-

This course will help you to understand how much time the consumer has spent on the mobile device and how can the brands improve their identity and revenue. This course will be helpful to the marketing professionals, business owners, digital marketing agencies and professionals.

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