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HR Interview

1) Placement Papers with Answers

The placement papers with answers and interview pattern of various companies such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, IBM, CTS etc.

2) HR Interview Questions with Answers

This section covers HR interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced. It helps job seekers who are about to attend HR interview round.

3) Body Language (Gestures)

Introduction for transmitting messages without spoken words, messages can be communicated through facial expressions; gaze; and posture.

4) Group Discussion Topics with Answers

This section covers latest/current group discussion topics with answers on various aspects. These Group Discussion topics can help experience well as fresh job seekers.

5) Submit Your Placement Paper & Experience

Here you can submit your Placement Test Paper, share your interview experience. This will definitely help other job seekers are about to attend the interview.

Aptitude Questions

1) Logical Reasoning Test

2) Number puzzles

3) Verbal Reasoning

4) Verbal ability

5) Current Affairs

Technical Interview

1) Technical Interview Questions and Answers

2) Technical interview questions and answers section for various interview, competitive examinations. This section covers Data Structure, C, Java, Database, Networking etc.

3) Programming Questions and Answers

4) Database Questions and Answers

5) Computer Science Questions and Answers

6) Networking Questions and Answers

Different Types of Interview

Finding your perfect job is not easy. A lot of challenges you have to undergo including an understanding of the company’s work culture, company’s vision and how you fit into it, and positions open for promotion. But before all that, let’s kickstart with the tips on a different kind of interview on how you can succeed through it!

Telephonic Interview- It is a precursor interview through which the employers eliminate the unsuitable candidates. The successful candidates are then invited for a face-to-face interview. Telephonic Interviews lasts for around 30 minutes.

Etiquettes that you need to follow- Brace yourself and don’t get overwhelmed. Respond well to the situations and don’t overreact. Remember, if you have a bad mouth, you won’t get the desired job.

Video Interview- Breaking the age-old tradition of a face-to-face interview, technology has given a new way to recruit the candidates through the video interview. The organization can screen the candidates through video interviews via Skype, Face Time or You Tube. This kind of interviews last for around 30 minutes. In order to be successful in a video interview, follow the below mentioned tips:

Etiquettes that you need to follow-Unlike telephonic interview, in video interview the recruiter will be able to judge your whole personality. So, wear formal clothes and be prepared for a smile on the face and confidence in your sleeves. People don’t remember you for a long time, so don’t be scared of speaking up and speak up in terms of how you can offer growth to the organization rather than how good you are.

Face to Face Interview- It is an age old trick of eliminating the undesired candidates. Either the panel of an interviewer or a single interviewee does this job. In some cases, you may be interviewed with other candidates to compare the competency level. Face to face interviews may last for one or two hours.

Etiquettes that you need to follow-Try to impress the boss by thinking about the whole picture! Wear decent clothes and tackle the self-promotion fears by connecting with the friends who understand you better. Speak clearly and confidently about the career gap. Not sharing the things that you did can hamper your rapport. And don’t talk badly about the people or peers.

Assessment Centers- These centers are usually used during the campus placement. The students are asked to present a presentation, group discussion or debate, written tests, in-tray exercises, group work, are some methods used to test the candidates. This usually lasts for a full working day.

Etiquettes that you need to follow- Assessment centers help to test the undesired candidates, hence it is important to be prepared for the best. Be ware about the raging news topics dominating the market, wear formal attire and inculcate good communication skills. Don’t get involved in what other people are saying. When you feel stressed, take some time to de-stress. If you are sick, listen to your body. Body language speaks a lot about your personality. Think, before you plunge in such kind of interview. Lastly be confident.

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Before the interview

Regardless of the type of interview you're preparing for, doing plenty of research and planning is key. Generally, you should:

• Consider how you'll explain problematic aspects of your career, such as gaps in your work history.

• Identify the skills, interests and experiences that the organisation is looking for by looking at its website and social media channels.

• Plan your journey in advance, aiming to arrive ten minutes before your interview is scheduled and ideally completing a 'dry run' beforehand.

• Prepare answers to common interview questions, as well as your own questions to ask at the interview.

• Find out about the people who'll interview you.

• Research the issues, trends and opportunities affecting the organisation and the wider job sector.

• On the night before your interview, avoid alcohol, prepare your outfit and get plenty of sleep.On the morning of your interview, eat a healthy breakfast and don't consume too much caffeine. You can combat nerves by exercising - if you have time, of course - as this creates feelings of wellbeing.

On the morning of your interview, eat a healthy breakfast and don't consume too much caffeine. You can combat nerves by exercising - if you have time, of course - as this creates feelings of wellbeing.

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