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Industrial Automation Training Institute In Mumbai

Producing the Next Generation!

Almost on each manufacturing organization is taking industrial automation to make due in profoundly focused business sector. So every one of these organizations required trained engineers for configuration and maintained the automation process mean high necessity of automation Engineers everywhere throughout the globe.

Nettech India has composed the training programs i.e Industrial Automation Course in Mumbai which satisfy the prerequisites of the organization in the field of industrial automation. We give the handy and expert training on most recent hardware and programming which satisfy the need of candidate or professionals.

Nettech India has number of training program according to applicant prerequisites. Our preparation program incorporates Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA), Field Instrumentation, Panel Designing, Sensors and instrumentation Designing. Instrument Indexing and so on.

The automation training programs offered guarantees a profession after B-Tech/BE/Diploma as plc programmer ,SCADA engineer and different vocations in automation fields like OIL and GAS division, power transmission , Marine automation ,Packaging commercial ventures, automobile and so on. The training include Post-Graduate Diploma courses, PLC Certification programs, and Very Short Term (VST) courses in plc scada and different innovations.

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Course Syllabus

• Introduction to Industrial Automation

• PLC programming & Troubleshooting

1. Allen Bradley

2. Siemens

3. Delta

• PLC Wiring/Installation

SCADA – PLC Interfacing

VFD panel configuration & Wiring

• SCADA Designing

• SCADA – PLC Interfacing

• VFD panel configuration & Wiring

• VFD- PLC Interfacing

VFD- PLC Interfacing

HMI Human Machine Interfacing

• HMI (Human Machine Interfacing)

• HMI – VFD interfacing

• HMI – PLC Interfacing

• Motors & Drives

Motors & Drives Designing

Hydraulic & Pneumatics Design

• Panel designing

• Hydraulic & Pneumatics

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