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Computer Hardware Training

• Basic working of a computer

• Assemble PCs

• Troubleshoot PC problems

• Troubleshoot PC peripheral problems

• Identification, installation and troubleshooting of Processors

• Identification, installation and troubleshooting of Memory

• Identification, installation and troubleshooting of Motherboards

• Identification, installation and troubleshooting of SMPS

• Storage systems (IDE and SATA)

• Storage system – removable(CD/DVD/Pen Drive)

• Display devices and graphics card Peripherals and input device Storage system – removable(CD/DVD/Pen Drive)

• BIOS settings

• Preventive maintenance of all the components of a computer

• Gaming PCs and Server Hardware

This module trains you to become a Level 1 Desktop Support Engineer. You will learn,

• The fundamentals of Operating System and Networking

• To install, manage and operate Client Operating System

• To set up a computer network

Operating System Support Skills

Computer Hardware

• Operating system basics

• Introduction to Windows Vista installation and customization

• Install and configure Windows 7

• Configure hardware and applications to work on Window

• Desktop customization and system utilities

• Managing devices and disks

• Windows update

• Resource sharing

• Remote management

• Recovery and backup

• Take backup of and restore the system

Computer Repair in Mumbai is very advanced nowadays after the certification & training course from Nettech India you will be able to assemble & repair all the non-working parts of computer. Back to top

Computer Networking Training

Computer Networking

• Introduction to Computer networks

• OSI model

• Transmission media (UTP and STP)

• Networking devices (Switches and Routers)

• Topologies

• LAN standards

• IP addressing

• TCP/IP protocol suite

• Structured cabling

• Installing, configuring and troubleshooting wireless networks

• Internet connection and sharing

• Troubleshooting network problems using hardware and software

After completing this module, you will be able to perform the following tasks


• To identify and test passive & active electronic components

• Deploy Windows 7

• Configure network connectivity

• Setup a Local Area Network (LAN)

• Troubleshoot network problems

• Setup applications to communicate over the network

• Setup a Wireless LAN (WLAN)

• Network settings

• Working with directory Managing user accounts and applications

• Working with Internet Explorer

• Windows firewall settings

• Working with antivirus software

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