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Google Analytics

Google Analytics-

Google Analytics Training course helps you to get started in the field of Google Analytics and provide you actionable insights on the things that you need to work upon. With this tool in hand, you can learn how to track the conversion rate and what data you need to analyze in order to improve them. This Google analytics course will help you to master the basics and turbocharge your business.

What’s more in this course you’ll get

  •  Step by step instructions on how to get started and how to implement Google analytics
  •  Provide a deep advice on what to do before starting with Google Analytics
  •  Step by step instructions on how to interpret data with help of Google analytics
  •  How to interpret report on Google Analytics and numbers that matter
  •  Advice about how to translate raw data into actionable map

With every lesson you will be able to track your progress and an easy way to become Ninja.

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Course Details

Google Analytics will help you to get started in the field of Google. With this course, you can learn about how to create your own Google Analytics account, glossary of terms, install the tracking code, how to filter the traffic, conversion and sales. It will also enable you to track the visitors from different sources and mediums, including social media and referral traffic and direct visits. You can even have a look at the customers who are chasing your social media accounts and which keywords are ranking high on Google and which are sending you the traffic.

Additionally, in this Google analytics training programme you will learn a deep detail about traffic breakdown, interpretation of Google Analytics and it will also show your visitors with your site on key reporting areas like:-

  •  The popular pages of site
  •  The content that tract the attention of the visitor
  •  Customers that keep returning to your business over a specified period of time to give your site a feel how sticky it is
  •  The amount of time that visitors spend on your website and much more
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Objective of Google Analytics Certification Course

The objective of the course is to help the students to interpret the data and get insights of Google Analytics and how to increase the conversion rates.

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