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Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing-

Want to skyrocket your career to new heights? Enroll at NetTech India for Facebook Marketing course and gain a throughout knowledge of different aspects of Facebook. With this course, you can learn how to make optimum use of social media site using the latest marketing strategy. This course can be pursued by the digital marketing professionals who want to specialize in the social media to garner more audience and be effective marketers. Our social media course is ideal for social media marketing manager, social media consultant, brand manager, blogger, a businessman who want to drive traffic to their websites and anyone searching facebok marketing training.

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Course Details

The course aims to make the students learn about:-

  •  The different aspects of Facebook promotion including deep understanding of complex terminologies like CPR frequency, etc.
  •  To gain knowledge about Facebook ads
  •  To gain knowledge about how to select the precise ads for your campaign based on the statistics and case studies
  •  To gain knowledge about the appropriate audience
  •  Improve the conversion rate of the business
  •  Increase more leads within same campaign budget
  •  Create Facebook Tabs squeeze methods to set up advertising campaigns

What will you learn in this course?

The course will provide you details about different aspects of Facebook marketing like how to create Facebook business page, how to achieve Facebook likes, Different types of facebook posts that may attract the attention of the audience, how to create facebook marketing strategy, how to track and measure results with Facebook analytics, how to promote the products on the Facebook.

What is the main focus of Facebook Marketing Training Course? The main focus of the social media course is to make the students aware how social media marketing campaign operates, the do’s and don’ts of blogger outreach and how to get the business leads, a true understanding of various social networking sites and how to use them optimally.

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