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The Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNCP) Enterprise Routing and Switching track permits members to exhibit capability with Juniper Networks technology. Effective candidates show intensive comprehension of systems networking innovation by and large and Juniper Networks enterprise routing and switching platforms.

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What Is Enterprise Routing? :

After you've invested some energy in the networking field, you tend to notice that there is once in a while a solitary approach to do things, and by and large, infrequently a solitary, exact definition for terms. All things considered, regularly a network engineer’s best answer would it say it is "depends." Such is the situation with enterprise routing, so we should begin off with a definition inquiry: what is an enterprise network? Is it a substantial multinational system utilized by an assembling organization; is it an administration system supporting a state or an area; is it a local system utilized by a sections wholesaler; or is it a system that backings your nearby dental practitioner's office?

Obviously, it's most likely these and some more. At an abnormal state, you can express that a enterprise network is one that is utilized to bolster exercises as opposed to producing income, as in an administration supplier's system. Some may say that in the event that somebody pays you to get to your network, you are giving an administration to him and you're no more an enterprise network. In any case, that clearing explanation doesn't generally apply if that somebody is paying you to take care of your expenses to give that administration. Thus, as should be obvious, it depends.

From the viewpoint of hardware platforms, Juniper Networks has assigned the accompanying as enterprise products:

• J-series routers to include the J2320, J2350, J4350, and J6350

• M-series to include the 7i, M10i, and M120 routers

• MX Universal Edge routers to include the MX-80 and MX-240

• SRX Services Gateway to include the Branch Office and the Data Center models

• EX Ethernet switches to include the EX2200, EX2500, EX3200, EX4200, EX4500, and EX8200

In any case, larger enterprise networks may discover stages, for example, the M320 and MX960/480 extremely valuable for their surroundings. Truth be told, the opposite is likewise valid, in that a conventional service provider network might just locate a proper need and use for stages assigned as enterprise routers.

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