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ENAUTO 300-435

Automating Cisco Enterprise Solutions (ENAUTO 300-435)

Exam Description

Automating CISCO Enterprise Solutions (ENAUTO 300-435) is a concentration course that is related to the CCNP Enterprise certification and DevNet Certification. The course empowers the students with implementing of enterprise automated solution, including programming concepts, Python programming, controller and automation tools. The course, automating CISCO Enterprise Solution will help the candidate to prepare for this exam. It is a 90- minute exam.

Course Highlights

The certification program will validate the candidate’s knowledge and skill of software developers. The program will hone the technical skills of the IT professionals and will empower them to embrace the potential applications like automation and infrastructure for network, IOT, and cloud. The course will enhance your knowledge of implementing enterprise and automated solutions, programming concepts, API, controllers and automation tools.

Topics that will be included in the exam

The following topics will be included in the exam and it will act as a general guideline. However, other related topics may come in the exam without a prior notice. To better reflect and for clarity purposes, the topics included are network programmability and foundation, automation f API and protocols, network device programmability, CISCO DNA Center, CISCO SD WAN, CISCO Meraki, etc.

Why Net Tech?

Net tech is a reputed institute that helps the students to learn this course. The institute is backed by the professional and trained staff who can hone the networking skills of the students easily. This course is highly demanded because of its wide application.

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