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Cyber Security Expert

Cyber Crime Course

Career opportunity after completing following course :

Cybersecurity Manager, Cybersecurity Analyst, Cybersecurity Specialist, Information Systems (IT) Manager, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Malware Analyst, Security Architect, Security Engineer, Security Consultant, An Incident Responder, Security Software Developer, Security Systems Administrator, An Information Assurance Analyst, Data Security Strategist, Ethical Hacker, Network Auditor, Network Security Engineer, Information Security Analyst, Information Security Manager, Cyber Security Product Manager, Mobile Application Security Engineer, IT Security, Advisor, Cyber Security & Network operation, Security Test Engineer, Cyber Security/Forensic Manager, Software Security Engineer, IT Consultant.


With the advent of the smartphone and usage of the internet, the city has witnessed a dramaticrise in the cyber- crime- the trend is reflected across all the major IT hubs like Mumbai,Bengaluru and Hyderabad. According to NCRB data released, Kolkatta has registered 196 cybercrimes in 2017, the number stood at 111 and 168 in the year 2015 and 2016 respectively.The numbers are higher in Bengaluru and Mumbai. Bengal has also seen a sharp spike in cyber-crimes. This makes us believe that the world needs more cyber security experts

NetTech India offers the best Cyber security Course in Mumbai.

What is cyber- security?

Cyber- security involves technology, processes and practices that are designed to protect the confidential data from the attack. Today, hackers can easily access the data; cyber security professionals with Cyber security training prevent them from doing it. Their responsibility is not only to fend off attacks but also respond to the emergencies.

We provide different Cyber security course in mumbai depending upon the expertise level of the student. Our Cyber Security course includes Ethical hacking training and Penetration testing training.

Introduction to cyber security expert course

Cyber Security course in Mumbai will provide a comprehensive overview of Cyber security principles and in this course you will learn how to design security program. The course will provide you an overview of the latest security threats and attacks and will suggest you the measures on how to mitigate risks and improve the organization’s security. The course will also focus on how to carry disaster recovery testing.

What you will learn in this course?

After the completion of the course, you will become familiar with cyber-security terminology and will be able to understand cyber security principles and concepts, you will be able to understand and how to counter react to different threats, you will be able to understand software vulnerability and solutions that can be deployed to reduce the risk, how to execute risk management process, and create a strong information security program.

Advanced Course

The advanced cyber- security course will help you to learn about advanced processes included in ethical hacking. The course will help you to master network packet and penetration testing techniques that will prevent hackers to gain unauthorized access to data. The course will equip you with advanced security skills that are needed to thrive in this world wide security. There are many departments who have made CEH course compulsory, hence it is an important certification for the security professionals. These people command 44 percent more salary than their peers. The ethical advanced hacking course opens a gateway of opportunity to the students. It will prepare you for the different job roles like computer network defense, CND incident responder, forensic analyst, security manager, CND auditor and other high-profile roles.

The course will expand your knowledge in the field of networking and will help you to identify threats and vulnerability. The course will help you to gain a better understanding of firewalls, Trojans, and countermeasures. It will also help you to master advanced hacking concepts related to the mobile, smartphone device, it will help you to write virus codes and will cover the latest web technologies.

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