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Cisco – IPS

In order to have a near full-proof network defense solution one needs to have both Intrusion Detection System (IDS) as well as Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). The difference between the two is that IPS responds immediately and does not allow any suspicious traffic to get through, while on the other hand, IDS acts after the traffic has got through to the system.

Cisco IPS runs across platforms either as a standalone sensor or as just a module inserted into another application. Today the Cisco IPS 4200 is the market leaders when it comes to dedicated intrusion prevention and detection applications, with the highest detection and probably the lowest false alarm rates. The Cisco 4200 IPS is fully geared to meet all kinds of security requirements on network devices, applications and services. They are designed to detect even the most sophisticated network attacks including network attacks, DoS attacks, application attacks and fragmented attacks.

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What You Can Learn::

• Implementation of traffic redirection and capture methods

• Implementation of network IPS deployment modes and techniques

• Implementation of event actions and overriding of filters

• Learn about signature engines

• Implementation of risk ratings

• Detection of anomalies

• Learn about IOS IPS & etc...

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