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Checkpoint Firewall

For purposes of administrative flexibility, network exploitation as well as critical accessibility Check Point was created. It has a three layer structure and work on the basic principle of network security and management. This way it forms the very foundation of Check Point’s software Blade Architecture. Firewalls are at the very heart of network security and they also control the traffic between internal and external networks.

This is where Check Point Software comes in. It basically forms a set of security parameters which ensures that the security management server perform correctly. It is a new next-gen security feature that protects the security server and creates smooth flow of web traffic without any hindrance.

The Check Point Software Blade Architecture features:

• Mobile and VPN connectivity

• Smooth internet access and filtering

• Identity and computer awareness

• Prevention of unwanted intrusion and other similar threats

• Prevention of loss of data

• Application Control

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What You Can Learn::

• An overview of Check Point Software and How it works

• Platforms for its deployment and overall security policies

• Traffic and connection monitoring

• Network Address Translation

• User Management as well as Authentication

• Use of SmartUpdate

• Identity Awareness Implementation

• VPN Tunnel Configuration

• Ways to resolve security administration issues & etc...

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