Web Design versus web development: Which is a better profession?

There was a dark era when the internet didn’t exist. The advent of the World Wide Web, changed the face of the business. Nowadays, even a small businessman is trying to create its website to make its presence felt. This has led to an upsurge of the profession web designer and web developer. These are the commonly confused terms used by the millennial generation. Here, in this post, we will discover the difference between the two and the benefits of doing web development course.

What is the difference between a web designing engineer and a web developer?

Level of expertise

Well, both the terms might be used interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two. The developer’s responsibility is not only to create a website but also to determine the core structure using coding language, while the web designers responsibility is to create the visually appealing website. You can think of the developers like construction workers and web designers as architects- they both are important to create a website. They both have different skill sets and are important to build the website. If you are a beginner doing a web development course will be beneficial for you.

Jobs that you can apply for

After undergoing web development training, you can work as back-end developer. These developers are expert in programming language and are conversant JAVA, SQL, and C##. They are expert in coding too. Other job profiles that candidates apply for front-end developer. The candidate should be an expert in using HTML, CSS and JAVA Script. He can also apply as a full stack developer. The responsibility of full stack developer is to create stacks both front end and back end.

As a web designer, the candidate has varied job profiles to apply for as he can work as a UX web designer. His responsibility is to get the visitors hooked. They exactly know how to create a website for the specific audience because they have done research for the same and understand the user trends. Another web designing career that is high in demand is user interface designer- as a UI designer, the candidate’s responsibility is to make an interactive website by adding different elements to the website. The idea is they try to create easily navigable websites. The web designer can also apply for the post of UX designer. As a UX designer, the candidate has to research and create a user friendly website. While as a UI the duty is to improve the look and feel of the website in a similar way the responsibility of UX is to create a strong foundation for the website. Another role that they can apply for is a visual designer- the visual designer is a blend of both UX and UI. Their job is to improve customer delight but also to solve design- related issues.

To conclude, we can say that after undergoing web development training the candidate can work as a fresher but once you have mastered the skills you can become a web designer.

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