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Big Data-Hadoop

Career opportunity after completing following course :

Software Engineer, Python Developer, Research Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Software Developer, Data analytics, Cell and UI development, BigData Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Research Analyst, IT Consultant Desktop Application Developer.

Description :

With the enormous data lying around, it becomes important for an organization to manage it in order to gain a competitive advantage. Today, the companies need to hold a vast amount of data in order to satiate the demand of the customers. This data can be further used to analyze and extract the information which ultimately helps to improve the ROI of the business. By taking up Net Tech wide range of courses, including Bigdata Hadoop course in mumbai the candidate will be able to stand apart from the crowd.

Introduction towards Bigdata Hadoop certification Course

The Bigdata hadoop course in Mumbai is a comprehensive package for the individuals who want to gain insight into the basic and advanced concepts of Big Data and Hadoop. On completion of this Bigdata Hadoop course in navi mumbai, the learners will be able to understand what goes beyond the processing of large data as well as industry switches from excel based analytics to real time analytics. The bigdata hadoop course in Mumbai focuses on improving the rudimentary knowledge of Big Data and Hadoop and further provides an overview of commercial distributions of Hadoop and components involving around Hadoop ecosystem.

Why the Bigdata course has become popular?

This Bigdata course helps the organization to evaluate the large volume of data effectively. There is a growing demand for the professionals who are equipped with the knowledge of Big Data and Hadoop, who want to make the career in this field. Knowing the basics of Big Data and Hadoop will help the candidates to pursue advanced level of course in this subject and acquire skills to become expert in this field. The knowledge of Big Data and Hadoop enables the candidate to install and configure the Hadoop components as well manage the large sets of unstructured data.

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Benefits of Big Data and Hadoop Course in mumbai

There are several benefits of this course including:-

 It helps the candidate to learn about the characteristics of Big Data

 Help the candidate to Understand the basic features of Hadoop and architecture

 Through this course the students can learn the different features and processes of MapReduce

 Understand the basics of Pig, Hbase and Hive

 Explore the commercial distribution of Hadoop

 Learn the basic components of Hadoop

 Learn about the different concepts related to Sqoop, Zookeeper, Hadoop Installation, configuration, Ubuntu server, appeal of big data technology,characterstics of big data, limitations of big data, Hadoop configuration, data model, pig versus sql, introduction towards Pig, single node cluster versus multi node cluster, data types in Hadoop, Components of Pig, distributed cache, characteristics of map reduce, map reduce features.That’s why while learning data science you also have to learn bigdata hadoop.

Is there any prerequisite qualification for Bigdata Hadoop Course in thane?

There is no prerequisite qualification required for this course.

Who should do Bigdata Hadoop course?

This Bigdata Hadoop training programme is meant for the professionals who want to learn the nuts and bolts of Big Data and Hadoop. It is ideal for the professionals in senior management roles who want to acquire the theoretical knowledge about Big Data management.

This Bigdata course will help the students to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of Big Data and its analytics. This Bigdata Hadoop course is a blessing for the students in the modern era where data rules the roost.

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