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Android Basic Course

Course Introduction

With the advent of smartphones, Android as an operating system has grown in stature. The Android operating system offers a plethora of novel features, as well as advanced flexibility and seamless support and integration with third-party applications. As a result, the popularity of Android has flourished not only among smartphone users, but among developers as well.

Android Application building and development is now regarded as a major segment in the field of infotech. Independent app developers as well as business organizations are taking an active interest in the Android OS, and are fast developing some splendid applications. Thus, the importance of Android cannot be discounted.

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Course Details

This Android course provides a basic introduction and coverage of the mobile operating paradigm that is Android. Through the length of this course you will learn to describe in details various Android components, as well as formulate a thorough knowledge of the basic Android application developing process focusing on key aspects like creating a UI with the Android emulator, creating web-based apps and location-based services such as GPS.

Eligibility: While there are no prerequisites as such, a basic knowledge of programming is required.

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