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Developing MVC 4 Web Application

Developing MVC 4 Web Application

Exam 70-486 Developing MVC 4 Web Application is designed for the experienced developers who are interested in leveraging ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2012 to offer modern apps that target modern browsers. Mostly, intermediate to advanced level learners enroll for this Microsoft exam. Candidates appearing for this examination shall have the minimum experience of developing Microsoft ASP.NET web applications.

Mentioned below are the highlights that reflect the coverage of the said examination:

Design the application architecture

• Plan the application layers

• Design a distributed application

• Design and implement the Windows Azure role life cycle

• Configure state management

• Design a caching strategy

• Design and implement a Web Socket strategy

• Design HTTP modules and handlers

Design the user experience

• Apply the user interface design for a web application

• Design and implement UI behavior

• Compose the UI layout of an application

• Enhance application behavior and style based on browser feature detection

• Plan an adaptive UI layout

Develop the user experience

• Plan for search engine optimization and accessibility

• Plan and implement globalization and localization

• Design and implement MVC controllers and actions

• Design and implement routes

• Control application behavior by using MVC extensibility points

• Reduce network bandwidth

Troubleshoot and debug application

• Prevent and troubleshoot runtime issues

• Design an exception handling strategy

• Test a web application

• Debug a Windows Azure application

Design and implement security

• Configure authentication

• Configure and apply authorization

• Design and implement claims-based authentication across federated identity stores

• Manage data integrity

• Implement a secure site with ASP.NET

Exam 70-486 Developing MVC 4 Web Application is a credit towards a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MSCD) certification.

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