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Android Advance Course

Course Introduction

The Android mobile platform is gaining popularity with every passing day. In the current market scenario, smartphones with Android as the base operating system are on the rise. The Android open source platform owes its popularity to its seamless flexibility and ability to support a huge variety of hardware.

With Android gadgets creating a revolution, Android application development surely cannot be left far behind. Thus, the need for resourceful Android applications developers is increasingly being felt. Moreover, the potential profitability of this platform cannot be ignored; with such a huge user base, it is only necessary that marketable applications have to be developed which are capable of attracting the audience.

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Course Details

The advanced Android course provides an in-depth approach to studying the Android platform, while brushing up on all previously learned basic fundamentals. This course is designed to provide you with all advanced skills necessary for developing applications via the Android mobile platform. A few focal areas that this course will cover are standard use and application of APIs – which will enable you to fully exploit the potential of the Android platform, thorough understanding and use of NDK, creating remote services using Binder IPC and usage of animation services.

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