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SAS Certification Course

SAS Certification Training
With our SAS certification training, the candidate will be able to master the techniques used in SAS as a data science tool. The candidate will learn about the different concepts including regression, cluster analysis, creation of decision trees, data analysis and methods that businesses use to solve different problems. The course will equip the candidate with the real world knowledge that they can apply in their job.

Why SAS certification has become popular?

Net Tech SAS certification is designed for the professionals to make them learn about the analytics techniques using SAS tools. This course will provide the candidate with a comprehensive view on analytics, GUI, and much more. The candidate will learn how to combine the different methods to get the solution. This training course will also teach the candidates about various SAS concepts.

What the course will teach you?

The course will provide a holistic overview of

 Various analytical techniques and data science tools

 Help the students to gain understanding of SAS and its role in GUI, importing the data attributes and exporting it

 The students will gain an in-depth knowledge of statistics, advanced statistical techniques, hypothesis, logistic regression, decision tree, etc.

 The candidate will also gain an insight into various tools and techniques to modify the data sets like merging, interleaving and reading. They will also learn about various SAS procedure that is used for data manipulation.

 Through this course, the candidate will be able to learn about SQL, its syntax and various statements and their statistical methods used in the analytics like PROC UNVARIATE, PROC FREQ, and much more.

 The candidate will be able to understand and comprehend about SAS macros and the benefits it provides in analytics.

 Through this, the candidate will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of the different macro variables, macro function, SQL clauses and macro statement

 The students will be able to learn and use different data exploration techniques used in SAS

 Understand the different series models and how they can be used in SAS

 Formulate and solve data optimization techniques using SAS and OPTMODEL procedure

Who can take this course?

The course can be taken by the data scientists who are expert in the different industries. It is the best for the professionals like these:

 The analytics professionals who want to work in the field of SAS

 IT professionals who wish to switch their career in the field of analytics

 Software developers who wish to pursue their career in the field of analytics

 Professionals who wish to harness their data science skills

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