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Open CV Python Course

Open CV Python Course
NetTech Open Cv course is for the novice people who are keen to work in the field of computer vision and artificial intelligence. In our Open Cv training, the candidate will get to know the details of Open CV starting from its configuration. All you require is a rudimentary knowledge of Python or C++. In this Open cv course, firstly, we will help the candidates to learn the basics of image handling, manipulation and image transformation. Next, we will move to advanced concepts like Image recognition, face detection, object detection and facial landmark detection. This Open cv certification course will help you to become expert in the field of computer vision and AI.

What will the candidates learn through Open CV course?

NetTech India’s Open Cv training programme will help the candidates to learn how to use Open CV Library, create own image using face detection program, learn the different tools of image processing, learn the different concepts of Open CV Library, image fundamentals, image processing techniques, image filtering techniques, feature detection, video analysis, its applications in the real world, etc.

To whom our Open CV course course is helpful?

This open cv course is highly crucial for the students who want to learn the basics of image processing using Open CV framework in Python. But this open cv certification programme is also recommended for the students who have a basic knowledge of image processing and the concepts related to it. The only challenge is to implement it in the real world scenario.

How Net Tech can help you?

With this Open Cv course, the candidate can easily learn the basics of open CV easily as the instructors are highly knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Our focus is to offer easy to follow techniques to make them applicable in the real world.

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