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Open Stack

Career opportunity after completing following course :

System Administrator, Server Administrator, System Admin, IT System Administrator, IT Infrastructure engineer, Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect Solution Architect Engineer , Cloud Security, Network Engineer, Private Cloud Engineer, Exchange Administrator.

Red Hat OpenStack Administration I

Open stack course overview

The Open stack course in mumbai will equip the students with Red Hat Technologies that are dominating the world. Starting from installation to configuration to maintenance, the focus of this Open stack course in thane is to help students to manage the Open Stack platform and command-line interface. The Open stack training course content include how to manage the projects, quotas and users, manage the routers and other technicalities, a deep knowledge about Open stack framework, customize the cloud technology, deploy scalable stacks and Red Hat Open stack platform using Pack Stack. With help of this Open stack certification, the student’s core competencies in above-mentioned areas will be developed. Before joining the Open stack training the candidate need to have Linux certification or equivalent experience. Red Hat Open Stack Administration course or equivalent experience would do.

At NetTech, we help our students to prepare better for future. Our courses are designed in a way that helps the students to make the most. Apart from that, we also offer practical lab sessions to make the child future ready. The courses offered by us are unique and give you strength to start a new life with confidence. Come be a part of Net Tech. Our team has adept staff that can handle all your queries related to Red Hat Administration and make your career bright.

We help the students to build their career and with help of this course we help the students to become expert in

  •  Installation and Configuration of Red Hat Open Stack Platform
  •  Manager the users, projects, networking, block storage
  •  Set quotas
  •  Configuration of images and its installation

Summary of the Open stack course

The course will include the following concepts:-

  •  Build and customize the image
  •  To write a heat template
  •  To diagnose and trouble shoot Open Stack issues
  •  Scale the compute node
  •  Migrate the instances
  •  Scale the stacks automatically

Before joining the Open stack certification course the candidate need to have a certificate in Red Hat Open Stack Administration course or equivalent experience or red Hat certified system administrator certificate or equivalent experience.

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Red Hat Open Stack Administration II

Course Overview

The main objective of this course is managing Red Hat OpenStack platform using the command-line interface, managing instances and maintaining enterprise deployment of Open Stack. The course provides you insights on management and customization of an enterprise development using OpenStack and how to manage the compute nodes with Open Stack platform.

Course Content Summary

The main objective of the course is help the students to

  •  Build and customize the picture according to your preference
  •  To write a heat template
  •  To diagnose and trouble shoot Open Stack related issues
  •  To manage Ceph storage in an Open Stack Enviornment
  •  To scale the compute nodes
  •  To scale the stocks in an automated way.

Prerequisites for this course

Before joining this course, a student must have a certificate in Red Hat OpenStack Administration or an equivalent experience or he must be certified Red Hat Administrator or an equivalent experience.

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