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Enterprise Blockchain- Hyperledger

About Hyperledger:
Hyperledger is an open source effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. Hosted by The Linux Foundation, it is a global collaboration of members from various industries and organizations. Hyperledger boasts a host of enterprise-ready solutions. Hyperledger was established under the Linux Foundation, which itself has a long and very successful history of nurturing open source projects under open governance that grow strong sustainable communities and thriving ecosystems. Hyperledger is governed by a diverse technical steering committee and the Hyperledger Fabric project by a diverse set of maintainers from multiple organizations. It has a development community that has grown to over 35 organizations and nearly 200 developers since its earliest commits.

Course Description:

Hyperledger Fabric is an open-source enterprise-grade permissioned distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform, designed for use in enterprise contexts, that delivers some key differentiating capabilities over other popular distributed ledger or blockchain platforms. Fabric has a highly modular and configurable architecture, enabling innovation, versatility, and optimization for a broad range of industry use cases including banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, human resources, supply chain and even digital music delivery. Hyperledger Fabric was the first proposal for a codebase, combining previous work done by Digital Asset Holdings, Blockstream's libconsensus, and IBM's OpenBlockchain. Hyperledger Fabric provides a modular architecture, which allows components such as consensus and membership services to be plug-and-play.

Hyperledger Fabric is revolutionary in allowing entities to conduct confidential transactions without passing information through a central authority. Fabric is the first distributed ledger platform to support smart contracts authored in general-purpose programming languages such as Java, Go and Node.js, rather than constrained domain-specific languages (DSL). This means that most enterprises already have the skill set needed to develop smart contracts, and no additional training to learn a new language or DSL is needed. In this course, we will study how Hyperledger Fabric works and build an application on Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain.

Prerequisites: Basics of Golang, Node.js Courses:

Beginner : Certified Blockchain Expert(for General Audience), Blockchain for Business Executives(for Business Executives, Lawyers, Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Analyst), Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Expert(for Traders, and Investors)
Intermediate : Ethereum Solidity Smart Contract(for Developers)
Advance : Enterprise Blockchain - Hyperledger Fabric(for Developers)

Course Outcome:
After completing this course, you will understand the Hyperledger ecosystem and you will be able to build enterprise-grade Hyperledger Fabric application.

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