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Certified Blockchain Expert

About Blockchain:
The biggest challenge of the internet is trust distribution. How am I going to trust the person on the other side of the internet? A lot of fake news and fake profiles are there on the internet and we reply on intermediaries like Google, Amazon, Apple, etc tech giants for the trust distribution. Blockchain is the new internet known as the decentralized internet with distributed trust and consensus involved. Just like the internet, blockchain is going to disrupt all the industries. The blockchain is a Distributed Ledger Technology(DLT). Blockchain is going to revolutionize each and every sector, the way internet disrupted every industry. Blockchain comes under the umbrella of emerging Web 3.0 technology. The Average salary of a Blockchain Developer in Silicon Valley is 250K$ or 1.5 Crore per Annum. Learning Blockchain is like learning Android in 2010. So, if you start learning about Blockchain now, you will get an edge over others in the future. Those who will not learn the emerging technologies will be left behind, jobless. The future of blockchain is promising with a lot of growth opportunities.

Course Description:
“Certified Blockchain Expert” course is designed for the general audience, from students to business executives. This is an introductory Blockchain course. This course is designed for the beginners, which covers all the three generations of Blockchain, from Bitcoin, Ethereuem to Ziliqa. We will also discuss future trends in the blockchain space and how to start in Blockchain space.

Prerequisites: None Courses:

Beginner : Certified Blockchain Expert(for General Audience), Blockchain for Business Executives(for Business Executives, Lawyers, Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Analyst), Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Expert(for Traders, and Investors)
Intermediate : Ethereum Solidity Smart Contract(for Developers)
Advance : Enterprise Blockchain - Hyperledger Fabric(for Developers)

Course Outcome:
After completing this course, you will understand the fundaments of Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and emerging blockchains. You will be able to differentiate between different blockchain and understand the use cases of each blockchain.

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