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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Expert

About Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies:
With the emergence of Token Economy, every asset in the world will be tokenized. So, if you are looking forward to becoming part of this Crypto revolution, here is an opportunity for you. People who bought Bitcoin before 2016 are super rich today. The early adopter of any technology will get the reward in the long run. Many people claim that Bitcoin will reach the price 1 crore before 2030, so you don’t want to miss out the opportunity.

Course Description:
“Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Expert” course is designed for traders and investors. If you are a stock market trader or investor who is looking forward to becoming part of this Cryptocurrency revolution then this course is for you. If you a new trader or a student, then this course is suitable for you as well. Becoming part of the Blockchain and Crypto ecosystem is not easy due to its complexity. We have simplified the complex concepts and made it easy for you to learn.

Prerequisites: None Courses:

Beginner : Certified Blockchain Expert(for General Audience), Blockchain for Business Executives(for Business Executives, Lawyers, Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Analyst), Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Expert(for Traders, and Investors)
Intermediate : Ethereum Solidity Smart Contract(for Developers)
Advance : Enterprise Blockchain - Hyperledger Fabric(for Developers)

Course Outcome:
After completing this course, you will understand the Cryptocurrency ecosystem, ICO investment, Cryptocurrency regulation, mining, and tools used to invest in this market.

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