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Artificial Intelligence Course

Artificial Intelligence

Career opportunity after completing following course :

Software Engineer, Python Developer, Research Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Software Developer, Data analytics, Cell and UI development, BigData Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Research Analyst, IT Consultant Desktop Application Developer.

Description :

Artificial Intelligence has been on rise as various organizations are adopting this trend to its advantage and hence the demand for AI professionals is also increasing at a staggering rate. NetTech India’s AI course in Mumbai will help the candidate to learn the basic concepts and tenets related to artificial intelligence.

What is AI course in mumbai?

Artificial Intelligence has literally entered in every field that you can imagine, starting from a flying car to predicting Alzheimer disease to engineering, to finance, it has entered in our lives slowly and steadily. That is why the companies are hiring artificial intelligence professionals at a jaw-dropping rate. Due to its high demand the salary of AI professional is rising at an alarimg rate. The organizations are willing to pay millions of dollars to get the work done. The job scenario of such experts are rising but there is a talent shortage, hence in order to cater the growing requirements, Net Tech has started with Artificial intelligence certification course to make the candidates capable enough in their field.

What are the objectives of the Artificial intelligence course?

As told above, AI technology is slowly penetrating in our lives. Earlier, it was used heavily in the gaming industry, but now it has entered the field of medical diagnosis, finance and quantum science. Our Artificial intelligence training programme will help the learners to get an insight of the basic terminologies of AI, problem solving skills, learning models, methods, societal impact of AI, etc.

Understand about the basics of AI and machine learning and how these cutting edge technologies are defining the major industries

Comprehend the basic terminologies and definition used in AI

Learn about the areas where AI is used and the fields like customner care, medical, financial services, etc.

Learn about the intricate points that the manager needs to consider while implementing AI and the pitfalls that he need to avoid.

To whom this Artificial intelligence certification course is meant for?

Our AI course in Mumbai is meant for the candidates who want to learn about the basic principles and concepts of Artificial Intelligence There is no need of any additional programming knowledge or IT knowledge for this artificial intelligence course,mumbai . It is suited for Non technical engineers

Students who are keen to learn about artificial intelligence course.

Newbies who are not familiar with this ai course and its implications

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What the Artificial intelligence course will teach you?

Our Artificial intelligence training will teach you about the introduction towards AI, decoding AI, its usage and industries where it can be implemented, introduction towards machine learning and deep learning, recent innovation in the field, where to implement AI, how to develop AI products, impact on the society, etc. Machine learning is a subset of AI that focuses on a narrow range of activities.So learning of Artificial intelligence include learning of machine learning and data science.

At Net Tech, we also offer advanced Artificial intelligence course that equips the candidates with the right skills. The advanced ai course is also available wherein we will teach our candidates AI, programming languages that is required to be learned, algorithms, advanced and artificial neural networks, use of predictive analysis to solve complex decision making problems.

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